Our Projects

Merrimack Pool Deck

What a backyard this turned into! After some demo of the old and a few weeks of very hard work this is the outcome! We call this a showstopper here. Redid the front walk with a really nice cobblestone stamp. The pool deck will make more memories than you can imagine! We're very proud of how this project came out, our crew outdid themselves with this one. A big thank you to our clients that let us make their vision a reality!!

2022 NNECA Excellence in Decorative Concrete Award Winner

From the design phase to completion our crew's attention to detail really made this entire project outstanding. We were recognized for our efforts by the Northern New England Concrete Association and are extremely proud of this backyard! This project was a labor of love from beginning to end.

Back Patio In New Boston

This beautiful stamped concrete patio would look good in any back yard. The highlight of this patio is the outstanding circular feature. A perfect focal point for any back yard party! Let us create a masterpiece for you that will last a lifetime!

Londonderry Pool Deck

This stamped concrete pool deck is truly remarkable. The gallery shows some of the immense dedication that went into creating this masterpiece. Every aspect of the pool deck, from the design to the execution, showcases an extraordinary level of craftsmanship. The attention to detail is evident and the hard work put into this project has certainly paid off. The result is a pool deck that is not only visually stunning but also functional and durable. This project is a testament to the skill and expertise of our crew.

English Yorkstone

This sharp looking stamp pattern will make everyone ask twice if it really is stamped concrete. A look that will transform your outdoor space into an area you'll love using for years to come.

The Very First Stamp Job

This project marks the beginning of our journey with Stamped Concrete. The pattern became one of our all time favorites, the weathered barn board plank. This stamp never fails to impress, often leading people to question whether it is actually made out of concrete. It perfectly captures the appearance of wood while offering the long-lasting strength and resilience of concrete. Without a doubt, this stamp is guaranteed to attract attention and become a focal point in any outdoor area.

18' x 36' Slate Pattern Offset

Sure this plain square slab could have been a regular brushed concrete finish and our boys would have that knocked out before lunch. But the whole team went the extra mile to make this one nice for the kids. This family is definitely gunna love it! This stamp pattern can be done traditionally and is available for microtopping overlays.

Bluestone Texture

With individual colored and hand cut stone patterns give your outdoor space the tiled look with none of the hassle of separate stones. This gives a stone patio feel while having all the benefits of a poured concrete slab. It also has an incredible look that is certain to make an impression for years and years.

Pool Stairs, Cantilever Coping and Grout bottoms

We can handle any type of work your inground pool deck could need. Whether its an older pool or brand new let us make your backyard space a talking point for generations.

Random Flagstone Fire Pit

This pattern gives a very dramatic paver impression. This backyard fire pit came out amazing. The firepit is surrounded by the random flagstone pattern that is met by the seamless granite stamp. The whole slab is capped with beautiful cantilevered stairs stamped with the bluestone pattern. This yard looks great and is ready for s'mores with the family!

Conventional Pool Aprons

We can handle any type of pool deck you could want or need. Our team will make any design idea you want into the pool of your dreams. Whether using a fancy stamp pattern or just making a more traditional style pool our work speaks for itself!

Old granite with hand cut and colored borders and inlays.

This job was very special to us because it was for one of our concrete pump operators that we work with all the time. We got to create an awesome backyard space right on the lake. This one came out super nice, it was done with cobble gray color and multiple antique release colors.

Spray Deck Before and Afters

Does your pool need a little extra love and attention? Do you have gaps in your concrete? Surface imperfections? Ugly discoloring? Let us fix whatever problems you have with your pool deck. We have the knowledge and experience to get your deck back into party shape! You'll be having backyard BBQs in no time.

Flagstone Pool Deck With Barnboard Kitchen

What an incredible pool this project turned out to be. With an end result that makes you feel like you're at a high end resort not someone's backyard. This one definitely gets several thumbs up all around!

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